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RLG Fusion Tab - A lay man's review

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RLG Fusion Tab - A lay man's review

Postby Paddyreus » Tue Jul 24, 2012 11:34 am

Rlg Communications limited have got jokes. These guys claim to have assembled a tab[let] called FUSION TAB; which is a good idea for a Ghanaian company. Strangely, none of their technicians seem to understand how their own product functions.

The Fusion Tab works on both CDMA (provided by Expresso/Kasapa) and GSM (provided by Vodafone, Airtel, Glo, tiGo, MTN). The CDMA section is build to run on a slower 1X or a faster 3G/EVDO internet. The GSM section runs on EDGE only (Even though their own manual which is full of spelling mistakes promises GSM 3G). From my lay man's understanding 4G>3.5G>3G/EVDO>EDGE/1X in terms of internet speed.

It means if you live in a community where KASAPA doesn't provide you with their 3G/EVDO service, but the GSM providers give you 3G-4G service you are stuck to GSM EDGE or CDMA 1X.

In sum, to use RLG Fusion Tab for good internet activity, you are forced to subscribe to CDMA (Expresso/Kasapa) services in addition to living in a community where your CDMA service provider offers fast internet (3G/EVDO).

Sadly, no RLG staff will warn you about these options prior to purchasing this product. Worse, none of their staff appear to be able to wrap their minds around this simple problem when you report it. Their only solution to this problem is to fidget with the gadget in annoying pretence and waste the customers time only to later tell you that if you MOVE IT AROUND, you will PROBABLY get access to the 3G service of the GSM section...complete rip off!

I will advice that no one wastes his money on this RLG Fusion Tab until they upgrade the GSM section.
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