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Njoy online tv. Dont attempt to subscribe for AFCON 2013

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Njoy online tv. Dont attempt to subscribe for AFCON 2013

Postby justice » Wed Jan 09, 2013 8:23 pm

I subscribe Njoy online tv on 12th December 2012 my subscription will end on 12th January 2013. but I cancel it before my subscription even end because of frustration.
I subscribe just to test it to see if their service has improve so that I will continue untill the end of AFCON 2013 or beyond that.
But nothing change, the same poor quality stopping,buffer etc. And they dont respond to your mail if you contact them for support. My subscription package is include Metro tv, GTV,GTV Sports,TV3 and tv Africa. But only GTV is working sometime and too much stopping, buffer etc very poor service.My internet connection is Fiber connection 100 Mbps speed. All the free online streaming is running fine on my pc except poor 419 njoy on line tv. http://www.njoyonline.com/
They are just taking dirty money from customers and I pray that God will cures them for that.
Now that AFCON 2013 is around the coner I just wrote this to warn brothers not to atempt to subscribe njoy online tv ( http://www.njoyonline.com/ ).
Dont let the beauty of the site deceive you. You better look for Free streaming online for AFCON 2013 if you are living in a country where you cant have access or there is no African tv channels in cable tv of the country you live in. I am just warning my fellow brothers not to fall into njoy online ( http://www.njoyonline.com/ ) 419 trapp.
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