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Postby papanii » Tue Mar 06, 2012 3:49 am

? wrote:
papanii wrote:
? wrote:
papanii wrote:
? wrote:The Morocans are next!

We are ready for em!!!

Raja Casablanca will go down home and away

You and who are ready for them? Do you know the standard of the the Moroccan league and especially a team with the pedigree such as Raja Casablanca ? You cannot use the woeful Liberians as a yard stick ! I will only believe if Chelsea is able to put up a good performance against Raja in the first leg.

They are nothing to us. :P They may be a big team but, we got a big heart and good players who are ready to fight.

Emmanul Clottey is a Ghana international who has the experience to take it to them.

Charles Taylor is a Ghanaian international . Jordan Opoku is a Ghanaian international, Gladson Awako is a Ghanaian international, Ernest Sowah is a Ghanaian international, and Alfred Arthur is a Ghanaian international.

All these guys have been consdiered good enough to play at least 1 game for GHana so, they are not useless scrubs who will get whipped.

I predict they will do well.

We have more internationals on our team than they do. :P :P

Berekum is ready :P

Comic relief paa niee....... :lol: :lol: :lol:
Clottey , Taylor, Opoku and Awako are not Ghanaian Internationals. When we talk about Ghanaian Internationals we mean Black Stars !!

Are you stupid? Serious question?

THey have all played for the black stars before!

True or false??

1) Jordan Opoku and Gladson Awako have never played for the Black Stars.
2) Clottey made few ameo appearances. Never played a full game and was dumped.
3)As for Taylor, that was over a decade ago when Jones was interim coach.
Are these what you call "Ghanaian Internationals"?

Remember, the CHAN team is not the Black Stars !
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Postby papanii » Thu Mar 08, 2012 12:13 am

? wrote::P :P :P :P :P

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Postby Ekow » Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:56 pm

First Round:

17-19/02/12: ASFA (Burkina Faso) 0-0 AS Chlef
01-03/03/12: AS Chlef (Algeria) 4-1 ASFA
AS Chlef go through as 4-1 aggregate winners

10-11/03/12: AS Vita Club (DR Congo) 5-0 Atletico Olympique
02-04/04/12: Atletico Olympique (Burundi) v AS Vita Club

17-19/02/12: DFC 9th Arrondissement (Central Africa) 1-0 Astres Douala
01-03/03/12: Astres Douala (Cameroon) 1-2 9th Arrondissement
2-2 on aggregate: 9th Arrondissement progress on away goals

17-19/02/12: Young Africans (Tanzania) 1-1 Zamalek
01-03/03/12: Zamalek (Egypt) 1-0 Young Africans
Zamalek go through as 2-1 aggregate winners

17-19/02/12: Missile (Gabon) 3-2 Africa Sport
01-03/03/12: Africa Sport (Ivory Coast) 2-0 Missile
Africa Sport go through 4-3 on aggregate

17-19/02/12: Ports Authority (Sierra Leone) 0-0 Horoya
01-03/03/12: Horoya (Guinea) 1-0 Ports Authority
Horoya go through 1-0 on aggregate

17-19/02/12: Foullah (Chad) 0-0 JSM Bejaia
01-03/03/12: JSM Bejaia (Algeria) 3-1 Foullah
JSM Bejaia go through as 3-1 aggregate winners

17-19/02/12: AF Amadou Diallo (Ivory Coast) 1-0 Diables Noirs
06/03/12: Diables Noirs (Congo Brazzaville) 0-1 AF Amadou Diallo
AF Amadou Diallo go through as 2-0 aggregate winners

17-19/02/12: Tusker (Kenya) 0-0 APR
01-03/03/12: APR (Rwanda) 1-0 Tusker
APR go through 1-0 on aggregate

17-19/02/12: Coin Noir Mitsamiouli (Comoros) 1-0 Ethiopian Coffee
01-03/03/12: Ethiopian Coffee (Ethiopia) 4-1 Mitsamiouli
Ethiopian Coffee go through 4-2 on aggregate

17-19/02/12: AS Garde Nationale (Niger) 0-0 Tonnerre
01-03/03/12: Tonnerre (Benin) 1-0 AS Garde Nationale
Tonnerre go through 1-0 on aggregate

17-19/02/12: Orlando Pirates (S Africa) 1-3 Recreativo de Libolo
01-03/03/12: Recreativo de Libolo (Angola) 1-1 Orlando Pirates
Recreativo de Libolo go through as 4-2 aggregate winners

17-19/02/12: URA (Uganda) 3-0 Lesotho Correctional Services
01-03/03/12: Lesotho Correctional Services (Lesotho) 0-0 URA
URA go through 3-0 on aggregate

17-19/02/12: Mafunzo (Zanzibar) 0-2 Muculmana de Maputo
10/03/12: Muculmana de Maputo (Mozambique) 3-0 Mafunzo
Muculmana de Maputo go through 5-0 on aggregate

17-19/02/12: Brikama (Gambia) 0-1 US Ouakam
01-03/03/12: US Ouakam (Senegal) 0-1 Brikama
1-1 on aggregate: Brikama advance 3-1 on penalties

17-19/02/12: Sony de Ela Nguema (Eq. Guinea) 0-3 Dolphins
01-03/03/12: Dolphins (Nigeria) 3-0 Sony de Ela Nguema
Dolphins go through 6-0 on aggregate

17-19/02/12: LISCR (Liberia) 0-2 Berekum Chelsea
01-03/03/12: Berekum Chelsea (Ghana) 3-0 LISCR
Berekum Chelsea go through 5-0 on aggregate

17-19/02/12: Green Mamba (Swaziland) 2-4 Platinum
01-03/03/12: Platinum (Zimbabwe) 4-0 Green Mamba
Platinum go through as 8-2 aggregate winners

17-19/02/12: Japan Actual (Madagascar) 5-1 Power Dynamos
01-03/03/12: Power Dynamos (Zambia) 3-0 Japan Actual
Power Dynamos go through 8-1 on aggregate
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Postby Ekow » Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:58 pm

Second Round Fixtures

23-25/03/12: AS Chlef (Algeria) v AS Vita Club (DR Congo) or Atletico Olympique
06-08/04/12: AS Vita Club (DR Congo) or Atletico Olympique (Burundi) ASFA (Burkina Faso) v AS Chlef

23-25/03/12: DFC 9th Arrondissement (Central Africa) v Al Hilal
06-08/04/12: Al Hilal (Sudan) v DFC 9th Arrondissement

23-25/03/12: Zamalek (Egypt) v Africa Sport
06-08/04/12: Africa Sport (Ivory Coast) v Zamalek

23-25/03/12: Horoya (Guinea) v MAS
06-08/04/12: MAS (Morocco) v Horoya

23-25/03/12: JSM Bejaia (Algeria) v AF Amadou Diallo
06-08/04/12: AF Amadou Diallo (Ivory Coast) v JSM Bejaia

23-25/03/12: APR (Rwanda) v Etoile du Sahel
06-08/04/12: Etoile du Sahel (Tunisia) v APR

23-25/03/12: Ethiopian Coffee (Ethiopia) v Al Ahly
06-08/04/12: Al Ahly (Egypt) v Ethiopian Coffee

23-25/03/12: Tonnerre (Benin) v Stade Malien
06-08/04/12: Stade Malien (Mali) v Tonnerre

23-25/03/12: Recreativo de Libolo (Angola) v Sunshine Stars
06-08/04/12: Sunshine Stars (Nigeria) v Recreativo de Libolo

23-25/03/12: URA (Uganda) v Djoliba
06-08/04/12: Djoliba (Mali) v URA

23-25/03/12: Muculmana de Maputo (Mozambique) v Dynamos
06-08/04/12: Dynamos (Zimbabwe) v Muculmana de Maputo

23-25/03/12: Brikama (Gambia) v Esperance
06-08/04/12: Esperance (Tunisia) v Brikama

23-25/03/12: Dolphins (Nigeria) v Coton Sport
06-08/04/12: Coton Sport (Cameroon) v Dolphins

23-25/03/12: Berekum Chelsea (Ghana) v Raja Casablanca
06-08/04/12: Raja Casablanca (Morocco) v Berekum Chelsea

23-25/03/12: Platinum (Zimbabwe) v Al Merreikh
06-08/04/12: Al Merreikh (Sudan) v Platinum

23-25/03/12: Power Dynamos (Zambia) v TP Mazembe
06-08/04/12: TP Mazembe (DR Congo) v Power Dynamos
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Postby bangarlee » Tue Mar 13, 2012 1:31 am

reminds me of one of FELA,S songs colo mentality: it goes:them judge go carry wig to jail he brother away ebi so, lol.
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Postby Ekow » Sat Mar 24, 2012 3:17 am

Referee Lathbridge set for CAF Champions League tie - report

http://www.footy-ghana.com/national_new ... hp?id=1380
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Postby Ekow » Sat Mar 24, 2012 3:19 am

Change of referees for Berekum Chelsea – Raja tie

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has replaced the Malian referees for this weekend’s CAF Champions League match involving Ghana's Berekum Chelsea and Raja Casablanca of Morocco due to the Military Coup in the West African country.

The match officials were unable to travel to Ghana for the game following the closure of the Bamako Airport due to the civil unrest in the West African country. The Malian Military announced a takeover on Thursday by dethroning the government of President Amadou Toumani Toure.

Experienced referee Koman Coulibaly was expected to lead a team of Malian referees for the 1/16th round first leg.

Nana Oduro Sarfo, an official of BereKum Chelsea, who confirmed the change of officials to GNA Sports on Friday said, the continent’s soccer governing body has appointed match officials from Cote d’Ivoire for the game billed for Sunday, March 25 at the Golden City Park in Berekum.

Denis Dembele will direct affairs from the middle to be assisted Yeo Songuifolo and Donatien Tan Marius. Kouame N’dri will serve as the fourth official.

Ouedraogo Yacouba of Burkina Faso however remains as the Match Commissioner.

Meanwhile, the match will kick- off at 14h00 GMT at the Berekum Golden City Park and the rates to be charged at the gates are 5 Ghana Cedis (Popular Stand), 10 Ghana Cedis (New Stand) and 15 Ghana Cedis (VIP).

The Ghana League champions beat LISCR of Liberia 5-0 on aggregate at the preliminary round to advance to the next round.**
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Postby Empire of Victory » Sat Mar 24, 2012 3:15 pm


They will receive a shock when Berekum beats them 4-0. Berekum is very underrated.

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Postby Ekow » Tue Mar 27, 2012 4:22 pm


They will receive a shock when Berekum beats them 4-0. Berekum is very underrated.


eii you were actually short by 1 goal
:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
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Postby Ekow » Wed Mar 28, 2012 5:36 pm

Latest results: Orange Champions League

Subject : Latest results: Orange Champions League

Revenue Authority (UGA) 0-2 Djoliba (MLI)

Liga Muculmana (MOZ) 2-2 Dynamos (ZIM)

Platinum FC (ZIM) 2-2 El Merreikh (SUD)

Power Dynamos (ZAM) 1-1 TP Mazembe (COD)

ASO Chlef (ALG) 0-0 Vita Club (COD)

Diplomates FC (CAF) 0-3 El Hilal (SUD)

JSM Bejaia (ALG) 1-2 AFAD Djekanou (CIV)

APR (RWA) 0-0 Etoile Sahel (TUN)

Brikama Utd (GAM) 1-1 Espérance (TUN)

Coffee (ETH) 0-0 Al Ahly (EGY)

Tonnerre (BEN) - Stade Malien (MLI)

Recreativo do Libolo (ANG) 4-1 Sunshine Stars (NGR)

Zamalek (EGY) 1-0 Africa Sports (CIV)

Horoya (GUI) 1-1 Moghreb Fès (MAR)

Dolphins (NGR) 2-1 Coton Sport Garoua (CMR)

Berekum Chelsea (GHA) 5-0 Raja Casablanca (MAR)
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Postby atlas86 » Wed Mar 28, 2012 9:06 pm

Congratulations! this is the worst score in Raja's history.....
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Postby Ekow » Wed Mar 28, 2012 9:07 pm

atlas86 wrote:Congratulations! this is the worst score in Raja's history.....

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Postby Ekow » Wed Mar 28, 2012 9:07 pm

atlas86 wrote:Congratulations! this is the worst score in Raja's history.....

where will the 2nd leg be played at?
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Postby Ekow » Wed Mar 28, 2012 9:12 pm

Berekum Chelsea wallop Raja Athletic Club 5-0

Subject : Berekum Chelsea wallop Raja Athletic Club 5-0
Message :

Ghana champions Berekum Chelsea shocked continental powerhouse Raja Athletic Club of Morocco by beating them 5-0 in their Orange CAF Champions League 1/16th round first leg clash on Sunday in Berekum.

Striker Emmanuel Clottey netted a hat-trick whilst other strikes from Solomon Asante and Abdul Basit handed them the first leg cushion ahead of the return leg in a fortnight in Casablanca.

Berekum Chelsea, debutants in the continental club championship took well their chances as they tore apart Raja Athletic Club, thrice winners of the premier African club championship. The result marks one of the heaviest defeats suffered by the 10-time Moroccan Champions in their continental campaigns.

The hosts started well and appeared poised for an early goal as the Moroccans struggled to contain the onslaughts into their half. They had to wait till the 33rd minute before Asante broke the deadlock with a shot on the turn from Basit’s cross from the right.

The Moroccans deplored a tactical approach and relied on the counter but paid the price for their sluggish defensive abilities.

With a lone goal lead at half time, it was Berekum Chelsea all the way in the second half as they pinned their visitors to their half. Less than 20 seconds into the half, Clottey capitalised on a defensive blunder to score his side’s second goal.

On 54 minutes, Clottey scored his second goal from the spot after captain Basit was fouled in the vital area by his marker. At this stage, it looked a tall mountain for the “Green Eagles” as they laboured in search of their feet.

Midfielder Basit made it 4-0 by connecting home from a goalmouth action before Clottey completed the rout with his third goal of the day two minutes from time.

Reaction: Berekum Chelsea vs Raja Athletic Club
Hans Van der Pluijm (Head Coach, Berekum Chelsea)
“I was confident of victory but not by such a margin. We played very well and at some point I was sure we could score more goals. The task is not over yet and we have to organise ourselves very well for the second leg.”

Emmanuel Clottey (striker, Berekum Chelsea)
“I am very happy with our performance today. We worked very hard and we deserved victory. Also, I feel great to have scored a hat-trick and I thank my colleagues for their support. We have to maintain our confidence and prepare for the second leg.”

game thread

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Postby Ekow » Wed Mar 28, 2012 9:37 pm

Government to assist Berekum Chelsea in Champions League
Posted On Tuesday, 27th March 2012

The Government of Ghana has promised a financial package for Berekum Chelsea in their quest to qualify to the money zone of the CAF Champions League.

The club are Ghana’s sole representative in Africa this year after Nania FC pulled out of the Confederation Cup due to financial reasons.

According to the Ghana League Clubs Association, the defending Ghana Premier League champions will receive financial assistance from government to defray the cost incurred.

“Fortunately for us,the government has promised to announce a very big package for Chelsea so as to help them progress in the competition in order to uplift the image of the country,” GHALCA chairman Alhaji Braimah Raji told Sunyani-based Storm FM.

”We met with the ministry of Youth and Sports and that is what the government has decided so we are waiting for the announcement of the package probably in two weeks time.

”The government made it clear that they understand the importance and implications of the country winning the continental trophy.

“So the plans are far advanced to push Chelsea all the way to the top because it’s been a long time since the country won a trophy at club levels.”

Debutants Berekum Chelsea defeated three-time African Champions Raja Casablanca 5-0 at the Golden City Park on Sunday in the penultimate round first leg tie.

Source: MTNFootball.com
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Postby Paddyreus » Thu Mar 29, 2012 5:43 am

Ekow wrote:
Paddyreus wrote:This team will shock Africa. The coach is good and the boys are good.

Deciiva's Baba Adamu Amando failed van der Plume's fitness criteria

We don bookmark your comment

how is ur bookmark doing?
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Postby Ekow » Thu Mar 29, 2012 4:27 pm

Paddyreus wrote:
Ekow wrote:
Paddyreus wrote:This team will shock Africa. The coach is good and the boys are good.

Deciiva's Baba Adamu Amando failed van der Plume's fitness criteria

We don bookmark your comment

how is ur bookmark doing?

so far so good. hope they have already started traveling plans for the 2nd leg. no need to take chances.
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Postby Ohemaa___ » Fri Mar 30, 2012 8:07 am

I didn't know we have Strikers in Ghana who can score that many goals in a match. BS can take lessons from Berekum Chelsea performance to date. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Postby Ekow » Wed Apr 04, 2012 5:22 pm

Champions League teams ready to rumble
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Subject : Champions League teams ready to rumble
Message :

Nigerian representatives in the Orange CAF interclub competition Dolphin and Sunshine Stars must fight for survival this weekend when return games are
played in the first round of the CAF Champions League. Dolphin take a precarious 2-1 lead over 2008 runners-up Cotonsport Garoua to Cameroon while Sunshine must overcome a 4-1 first-leg drubbing when they host Recreativo do Libolo from Angola. While Enyimba are the only Nigerian side to win the elite CAF club competition, it would be humiliating for the African football power if both clubs failed to make the last-16 final qualifying round.Both Nigerian coaches remain upbeat as they try to undo the damage of two weeks ago when Dolphin missed a penalty and many chances and Sunshine lost concentration in the closing stages to concede three goals. "My boys may not have achieved the emphatic victory we hoped for, but I still believe in them and I am confident of a good result in the return match," Dolphin handler Stanley Eguma said. Sunshine Stars boss Olubenga Ogumbota was emphatic: "My players are capable of overcoming the deficit, uncomfortably large though it is. I do not believe anything is lost."

It could have been even worse for Port Harcourt-based Dolphin as the winning goal from Ghana-born Owusu Addae came just three minutes from time
after Ifeanyi Egwim had given his team an early lead and fluffed a second-half spot kick. Dolphin came closest to African glory in 2005 when beaten by FAR Rabat of Morocco in the CAF Confederation Cup final while Cotonsport lost 4-2 on aggregate against Al Ahly of Egypt in the Champions League decider four years ago.
Sunshine exceeded expectations to reach the Confederation Cup semi-finals at the first attempt last year and seemed a good bet to reach the group phase
of the Champions League at least. However, two goals within three minutes from Adawa and Dario turned the tide in favour of provincial outfit Recreativo and Cameroon-born Edy struck a potentially crucial fourth in stoppage time. "We are going to Nigeria with just one thought ,victory," stressed Libolo coach and former national team star Zeca Amaral, whose team stunned former champions Orlando Pirates of South Africa in a preliminary tie. Although Al Ahly have been African champions a record six times and held Coffee 0-0 in Ethiopia two weeks ago, the talented but ageing squad of Portuguese coach Manuel Jose will take nothing for granted. Coffee were also held at home by Ahly in a previous first round clash 14 years ago only to win the tie on away goals and the Cairo Red Devils have been hampered by a lack of match practice.
With the exception of two Champions League games behind closed doors involving Zamalek, competitive football has been banned in Egypt since 74 people died on February 1 in post-match riots after Ahly lost a league game in Port Said.The arch rivals of Ahly take a 1-0 lead over Africa Sports of Ivory Coast to Abidjan and will miss injured striker Ahmed 'Mido' Hossam in a repeat of the 1986 CAF Champions Cup final won by the Cairo club on penalties. Title holders Esperance of Tunisia should advance to the final qualifying round without undue difficulty having drawn 1-1 with African debutants Brikama United in Gambia. Other former champions in action are Vita Club and TP Mazembe from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Etoile Sahel of Tunisia, who all drew away, and Raja Casablanca of Morocco, trounced 5-0 by newcomers Berekum Chelsea in Ghana.

Fixtures and first leg results
Vita Club (COD) - ASO Chlef (ALG) (0-0
El Hilal (SUD) - Diplomates FC (CAF) (3-0)
Africa Sports (CIV) - Zamalek (EGY) (0-1)
Moghreb Fes (MAR) - Horoya (GUI) (1-1)
AFAD Djekanou (CIV) - JSM Bejaia (ALG) (2-1)
Etoile Sahel (TUN) - APR (RWA) (0-0)
Al Ahly (EGY) - Coffee (ETH) (0-0)
Sunshine Stars (NGR) - Recreativo do Libolo (ANG) (1-4)
Dynamos (ZIM) - Liga Muculmana (MOZ) (2-2)
Esperance (TUN) - Brikama Utd (GAM) (1-1)
Cotonsport (CMR) - Dolphins (NGR) (1-2)
Raja Casablanca (MAR) - Berekum Chelsea (GHA) (0-5)
El Merreikh (SUD) - Platinum FC (ZIM) (2-2)
TP Mazembe (COD) - Power Dynamos (ZAM) (1-1)
Djoliba (MLI) - Revenue Authority (UGA) (2-0)
Stade Malien (MLI) - Tonnerre (BEN) (0-0) RESULTS
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Postby Ekow » Wed Apr 04, 2012 5:38 pm

Clottey, Basit named in Chelsea squad for Raja return

Footy-ghana.com can confirm that star striker Emmanuel Clottey and playmaker Abdul Basit have been included in a 21-man squad to face Raja Casablanca in the second leg of the CAF Champions League in Casablanca, Morocco this weekend.

Also included in the squad are former Asante Kotoko and Hearts of Oak forward Charles Taylor, Joseph Ato Bissah and Jordan Opoku.

Prince Anokye has however been left out of the squad. Berekum Chelsea travel to Morocco with a 5-0 lead from the first leg over a week ago in Berekum.

The team, which will train on the astro turf of the Tema Sports Stadium, will leave Ghana on Friday.

Full squad

Goalkeepers : Collins Addo, Ernest Sowah, Iddrisu Abubakar

Defenders : Eric Agyemang, Alfred Arthur, Richard Kissi Boateng, Kwaku Andoh, Richard Afari, Edward Kpodo, Ahmed Adams

Midfielders : Solomon Asante, Awudu Moro, Yaw Alexander, Jordan Opoku, Joseph Ato Bissah, Gladson Awako, Abdul Basit

Attackers: Isaac Morgan, Prince Arko, Emmanuel Clottey, Charles Taylor
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