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Dont take njoy online tv for wc


Dont take njoy online tv for wc

Postby justice » Thu Jun 10, 2010 7:10 pm

Njoy tv are just taking money from us for nothing,their service is poor, if you have problem and you contact them they will never reply, and the f***** customers support phone number they left at njoyonline.com, if you call that number nobody will answer you, always on answering machine with a message saying:(HELLO THIS IS NJOYONLINE,PLEASE LEAVE YOUR NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU AS SOON AS POSSIBLE) And they will never get back to you.
During the fifa under 20 tournament I subscribe njoyonline but most of the time I have to leave njoy tv and look for free streaming at myp2p,sopcast etc which run very good on my pc or my network connection. Sometime metro tv or tv3 etc, if you click play to watch, you can here voice and no picture or the picture stand still or too much buffer/stopping etc.
What anger me most is, if you contact them by mail/phone they will never answer you.The owner of njoy tv should take their work seriously if they mean business. They should learn from the best online tv provider like www.myafricanfootball.com www.tv4africa.com etc.
My pc has no problem and my network connection is very fast(NTT FIBER CONNECTION) one of the fastest in the world. I dont have problem streaming any online live tv either free streaming or by subscription except poor nyjoyonline service.
During the Angola 2010 I watched all the games on www.myafricanfootball.com From the opening ceremony to the final I did not have a single problem, no stopping,buffer etc. great quality.
If njoyonline.com are serious about their business they should improve their service and also they should consider their customers important, by response to our call/mail.
I have cancel my subscription and I dont think I will ever ever ever subscribe again.And they should learn from the best www.myafricanfootball.com, www.tv4africa.com, euro sport, setenta etc.But right now to me njoyonline are taking illegal money from us/their customers because the service is very pooooooor.
When I subscribe to njoyonline, my package was metro tv, GTV, TV3, TV Africa but only two of these channel sometime working (metro and GTV but poor too much stopping/buffer etc) as for tv Africa it never work.
So to me njoyonline tv service is f&%k. I hope the owner of njoyonlne will see this.And if you dont know who write this I am Ghanaian living in Japan, So guess who.
Guys if you dont have cable tv dont atempt to subscribe njoy online tv.
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Postby Loverboy Mahama* » Tue Jan 18, 2011 9:58 am

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