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Car Battery Reconditioning Business

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Car Battery Reconditioning Business

Postby freshmind » Tue Dec 08, 2009 5:02 pm

How would you like to make unlimited income working from your garage at home? Sounds impossible? Battery reconditioning business is an emerging eco friendly profitable business venture for even the not so handy average person. You can earn unlimited income by reconditioning free discarded used lead acid batteries.

Recondition all lead acid batteries for Cars, trucks, boats, golf carts, ATVs, motorcycles, snow mobiles, forklifts, scooter, solar & UPS backup systems and so on.

The cost of completely reconditioning a battery is less than $5. Reconditioned batteries are sold between $20 and $45 depending on the type of battery. Discarded batteries are never in short supply and we will show you where and how to get them for free or next to nothing. The battery replacement market is a multi billion dollar industry globally. Properly reconditioned batteries are in high demand because the capacity of the battery is restored.

Our business package comes with the following unmatched benefits:

• A battery reconditioner that can recondition 9 batteries simultaneously
• Low startup capital requirement
• Business can be set up and operated in any part of the world
• Home based business from your garage or basement
• Flexible working hours in 24/7 working cycle
• Reconditioning does not involve taking batteries apart
• Simply hook batteries to the reconditioner and let it fix the batteries
• The machine reconditions the battery without taking it apart
• No extra labor required, one person is more than enough
• You do not have to quit your regular job if you do not want to
• No prior or technical experience required, easy and straight forward
• No spilling of harmful chemicals
• Technical, sales, marketing and managerial support available to you
• No franchise fees or hidden charges
• No constant purchasing of chemicals in order to stay in business
• Shortest reconditioning time in the industry
• We set you up, support you all the way and you make your money

You can be in full business and operate like a professional within a week. That is how simple this business is and we will make sure you get all the necessary equipments, tools and information to hit the ground running.

For more information, write to rashtechc at yahoo dot com
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