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“The Silent Revolution of Truth“

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“The Silent Revolution of Truth“

Postby AfroSamurai » Wed Aug 01, 2012 6:23 am

The entire human race living on this planet called TERRA are confession to one or other religion and sects. Regardless whether you are religious or atheist, we all feel there is something there we want to understand and also to grasp to it, but we can‘t. We are all searching for the effective truth but still can‘t, because we haved been since thousands of years misleaded and misguided away from the effective truth.

Every religion on this planet contains only about 1% of the effective truth. The rest 99% is false teachings which lead us Earth human into delusion and delusion insanity. All religions, sects, swanis and gurus lead us into mental confusion and mental slavery to rule over mankind. As real human our duty is to take self-responsibility to make in-depth thoughts about everything that approach us in life to find the answer and the truth.

Where are the logic to be found on this points

What is God and where does the word God came from and really means?
Why mankind should worship God?
Did God create Adam as the first human being? When yes then how possible it was to take out a rib from Adam and create Eve? Was it genetic engineering? Through the knowledge which is been gain about the encoded DNA sequence, a cell out of a male can only create a male and vice versa. No logic in the biblical theory.

Was Adam the son from Eve, whereby the truth about his father was in the bible denied to mention?
Why the old testament contains much brutality than the new testament?
How possible a man called Jesus died to save humanity or was he brutally killed because he was speaking the only one truth or during the crucifixion he just falls into near death and after three days he could wake up?
Was he really called Jesus or he had a different name?
Is Jesus the son of God?
Who was this guy called Jesus really and was he talking about God or someting else which falsely became the bible (New Testament)?
The bible says mankind have to worship God and at the same time also Jesus. Where is the logic?
In two thousand years later would mankind worship Nelson Mandela, Bob Marley and Mahatma Gandhi, because they were freedom fighters?

Has mankind entered the third millennium where the truth has started revealing itself which could be the greatest threats to mankind?

The truth is always hard to accept

“The Silent Revolution of Truth“ is out there!!!

“Get Up Stand Up“ from Bob Marley
In this song he said; “The mighty God is a living man, you can #%!& some people sometime but you can‘t #%!& all the people all the time“

“Zimbabwe“ from Bob Marley
In this song he said; “You should know but must not believe“

Knowledge (to know), Wisdom, Rationality and Intellect.
The black race is the only origine from this planet. The only race through evolution the earth created on this planet.

All other races on this planet came out of space in here about over 230.000 years ago.
The earth was in ancient time used as place of exile / detention for renegades, criminals, and delinquents.This renegades, criminals, and delinquents were, before coming here, geneticaly manipulatet. At the same time some also came without genetic manipulation as good guidance.

The earth has a great lost history which end up in myths and falsification of the truth. A lot of found archaeological evidence was intentionaly hidden before mankind. Now through the world wide web spreading news, everyone can do research like “giant human skeletons“ and also “ancient atomic blast“ to find such an evidence.

Ghanaians remain so strongly addicted religious and hoping life get better or God solves everything. This is a delusion and delusion insanity which damage the brain. To achieve knowledge and Wisdom is only through the mistakes one does using rationality and intellect to handle things objectively.

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