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Postby VRMAN » Sat Aug 18, 2012 8:30 am

Azizakpe Canoeing Club wins Cowbell Dragon Boat race

The Azizakpe Canoeing Club from Ada emerged winners in the 200m race of the maiden edition of the Cowbell Dragon Boat Race which was held in Ada in the Greater Accra Region.

They made a time of 57secs to beat Dzolali Canoeing Club from Keta who took the second position with a time of 59secs.

Prior to the finals of the 200m, two heat sessions were held for the participation teams to select the best four for the finals.

Azizakpe Canoeing Club and Kewunor Canoeing Club took the first two positions in the first heat of the 200m race while Dzolali and Azizanya came first and second in the second heat of the 200m.

In the finals of the 3000m race, Ada United emerged champions with a time of 2mins30secs to beat Atorkor Club who took the second position with a time of 2mins33secs.

In the first heat of the 3000m, Kewunor Club and Dzolali came first and second respectively to qualify for the finals while Ada United and Atorkor also took the first and second positions in the second heat of the race.

For their prizes, all first placed clubs were presented with a trophy, an undisclosed amount and other souvenirs from Cowbell. Second placed clubs were also presented with products and branded souvenirs from Cowbell.

The competition formed part of activities marking the 75th anniversary of the Asafotufiami festival which is celebrated by the people of Ada.

It brought together eight canoeing clubs from Ada and Keta to battle in the maiden event of the competition. The teams were; Azizakpe, Kewunor, Azizanya and Ada United representing Ada while Dzolali, Wugadze, Simple Winners and Atorkor also represented Keta.

The competition was sponsored by Promasidor Ghana Limited through its Cowbell brand.

Source: Ghanaweb Other Sports of Monday, 13 August 2012

Source: Daniel Oduro

Ghana Sports Ministry-Over to you!!!
If you see the CHESTS of some of these Ghanaian Fisherman boat rowers, you will be shaking with fear!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Besides football, we have lots of talents out there.

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